Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Things to take…..To Camp Raukawa
List of personal gear to take to camp.
  • Important Footwear
Sneakers/Sports shoes
For participating in the daily activities.
Can get wet and dirty
Covered shoes (Kung-Fu style or similar)
Compulsory shoes for inside the dining hall
Wearing around the camp
  • Socks – at least 4 pair ( named) more if you have them
  • Shorts – 4 pairs
  • T Shirts - 4 (that cover the shoulder)
  • Sweatshirts –  2 to keep warm
  • Long trousers – track pants preferred
  • Underwear and sleep wear  - sufficient for a week
  • Toilet gear – to personal requirements – please include: Sun-screen lotion, insect repellent, tissues and some plasters.
  • Towels –  3  (named)
  • Raincoat / rain jacket
  • Sleeping bag
  • Single fitted sheet for mattress (optional)
  • Pillow slip
  • Pillow
  • Togs
  • School Sunhat ( no hat no play )
  • Plastic drink bottle ( NAMED )
  • Plastic bags for dirty clothes
  • Pack of cards or small indoor games
  • Packet of biscuits or some home baking

The children will get wet during the week and need changes of clothes. It is unpleasant to stay in wet clothing or footwear. Please ensure your child has protection from the rain & cold. It is a great idea to NAME EVERYTHING that your child is taking to camp.

Please provide a packet of biscuits or some home baking to supplement our afternoon teas. While this is provided, the children become very hungry at this stage of the day.  

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