Blog Guidelines

At Parkland School we care about students' online safety. We are DETERMINED to put our 'best foot forward' when working online. 
When using our blog, we pride ourselves on EXCELLENCE
Here are some things to remember: 
  • Blogs are SHARED in a PUBLIC space
  •  Assume what you post could be PERMANENT - if you are unsure, check with your parents or your teacher first 
  • Keep our blog and your blog POSITIVE!! 
  • Be ENTHUSIASTIC about being part of a wider network of people 
  • If you are unsure on the correct spelling of a word - ask for help from an adult or your teacher
  • Only use FIRST NAMES when writing 
  • Show COMPASSION to others when commenting on sensitive subjects 
  • NEVER write any personal information, e.g. your phone number or address 
  • Show RESPECT by commenting nicely and reporting any silly comments 
  • Make sure that you have PERMISSION before posting photos 
  • Be CURIOUS about other blogs - go and visit them 
  • Show CONFIDENCE and have a go!!