Saturday, 17 October 2015

Daily Demo, Term 4: Week 2

Welcome back to Daily Demo. We watch these videos at the beginning of the day to get our brains working and/or to have a wee laugh.  It is an important part of our morning routine and our Homework Challenge. Daily Demo is aimed to get your brain working and thinking outside the box and about yourself.

Don't forget when you are commenting that you need the Māori day of the week before your response. You also get Dojo Points for commenting on our blog.

Monday 19th October

Rāhina:  There are many people with amazing talents.  What is something you are really good at?

Tuesday 20th October

Rātū:  How do you think the glasses go from being on the monkey on the skateboard to Dynamo?

Wednesday 21st October

Rāapa:  How do you think Dynamo is able to blow into the bottle and make the bottom explode?

Thursday 22nd October

Rāpare:  How on earth is Dynamo just casually walking down this building?


  1. Rahina; i am really good at drawing

  2. Rahina : I am good at football.

  3. Rahina: I am good at Dancing and drawing . LOL

  4. Raāpa: He must have been blowng pretty hard

  5. Rāpare: invisible sting dahh LOL

  6. Rahina. I am good at piano

  7. Ratu. tech stuff? Im not good with this stuff

  8. Raapa. maybe it was um um um um um um um I dont know

  9. Rapare. maybe suction shoes or ropes or.........