Sunday, 15 March 2015

Science Experiment: Milk Swirls

WALT be investigators of science

Today we did an experiment called MILK SWIRLS.   Here are the instructions if you would like to do it at home. We had to guess what we thought might happen. 

  • Pour the milk into the bowl.
  • Place one drop of each of your colours into the milk, keep the drops close together.
  • Add a drop of dishwashing liquid to the mix.
  • Watch the colours swirl around.
Some of us made videos and have uploaded them to our blog.

Why did this happen?  Make a comment below about why you think this happened.  What do you think we could do next time differently?


  1. I did this at home. Check out my blog page for the photos and blog.

  2. i did my at home to couldn't get my photos on my blog but i can bring them into tomorrow

  3. And What

    Today our class learned about chemical reactions with food colouring,milk and dish washing liquid

    And What this evening me and my cousin did the experiment that we did in class today.I put the milk in first like we did in class then I put the food colouring and a little drop of dish washing liquid.When they all mixed together it made a swirly pattern in the milk