Thursday, 26 February 2015

TV13 - Class Review Week 4

This week our Class Captains did the very first Review.

Please comment positively below on how we can further improve and develop our reviews.

Here is Miss Hill's positive comment on how we can improve and develop our Class Review:
I think these three Class Captains have done an amazing job. They had no model to go on on the hope we can develop our ideas further, as a class. I would love to see an intro for our TV13 show and perhaps some photos? What do you think?


  1. good gob that was very funny and i cant wait to do that

  2. Well done you did a very good job on being the first to make a video

  3. What a fantastic video! If you keep that up, you'll have everyone wanting to be in your class!!!!

  4. Well done! on being the first group of class captains to do the video on what we did! :D